Thursday, 22 October 2009

Things you love to do!

Darling Kay - Daddy is in the air as I type this, on his way home from London. You are in bed, fast asleep after a busy day of playing, walking and generally expanding your little world and mind! I am sitting here with my feet up, with a cup of tea waiting on Daddy and looking forward to our weekend ahead together. This is his last trip for a few weeks so we will be thoroughly spoiled having him here!!

Your latest favourite thing to do, wee love, is play with my make-up bag. I don't have much in the way of make-up, and don't use it every day (although I am endeavouring to make more of an effort with it and stop looking like a slummy Mummy!!) but you are fascinated by the little pots and brushes and will happily unpack them, put them in the bag, take them out again, roll them around and generally make sure that you have researched every possibility of mischief with them!! Who would have thought such little make-up would stretch so far!!
There are so many other simple things that give you so much pleasure:-
  • Dropping little stones that you find outside down the gratings;
  • Cheese on toast for lunch, with little cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks;
  • Doing the actions for 'jelly-on-a-plate' while I sing it when you are having your dinner;
  • Putting on Mummy's handcream - you are costing me a small fortune in Molton Brown, but you have the most moisturised hands in the land!
  • Going round pointing at things and saying 'Am-mah's.....', like 'Am-mah's hat' or 'Am-mah's shoes' when you see something that is yours. In fact it doesn't even have to belong to you, if you like it then it becomes 'Am-mah's!'
The list is endless, and changes everyday, but you are a joy to be with because you fill our lives with love and happiness by giving us the chance to share your wonder and love of life x x


Prairiegirl said...

Aw that is cute! I remember when I am little and play with jewely...I used to take my grandma's jewely little plastic box with full of glamour jewely and pretend it is my store. I not remember exactly age that I play. I think I was five to seven or eight.
I not remember if I played with my mommy's make-up. I'll ask her.

Elena said...

Such a beautiful post dear Fiona! I feel the same way about Mary! She loves that hand lotion too. She likes to put in on her hands and then rub it on her cheeks and legs. It is amazing how the little things fascinate them so. Have a wonderful weekend with your dear family. Love, Elena

BECKY said...

Oh I so remember those days! (she says as her eyes fill with tears) Such mischief! My Mom always said that little girls are the sneaks!! I know I was! I've heard many a tale of the mischief I wrought!!

Sheer delight to read your know where I'm going with this, right? Sounds like the making of a fun book, DOESN'T IT??
:o) Your manner of speaking and writing reminds me of Beatrix Potter. Did you see the movie "Miss Potter"? If you haven't you simply must!! It's wonderful!!

AND might I add that you have a lovely, fresh look and I wouldn't go piling on the makeup...I'm just saying! :o)

So glad you enjoyed the soup!! Feta sounds like a wonderful addition!! Might try that next time! Maddy said when she saw it that it looked like baby food! I thought so too, but it sure tasted WAY better!!

Loads and loads of love to you my friend!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

As cute as that looks, I could never have let my daughter play with my makeup! I enjoy my makeup so much and I do not like to share!!

Thanks for you kind words for my son!!!

Alice said...

fiona, if i ever get to ireland - i think that's where you live - i'll do amelie's photos in a heartbeat! she's so beautiful! it would be a pleasure :O)

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I'm crying right along with Becky. As I look back, those were such precious days--but at the time they didn't seem very precious...

What a little sweetie you have, and I'm so glad you are enjoying these moments and sharing them with us.


Lisa @ akawest said...

The world belongs to Am-mah, and many a blogger's heart.

Sarahlcc said...

Oh dear, that is just too sweet! I remember playing in my Grandmother's makeup and jewelry - such fun times! She is simply adorable.

I think Becky is right about the book ~ you can actually turn your entire blog into a book, there is an online company which does so.

BECKY said...

Popping by to say HI and tell you that I'm thinking of you!!!
Lots of love,
Becky :o)

Bridget said...

Hi Fiona!!! Sorry it has been so long! I have checked in on your gorgeous girl - but failed at leaving a message! Anyway love all of the things she loves. I must say she is a girly girl and I just love it!!! Lucy loved and still does love to get into my make up bag. I finally made her one of her own (with samples and old things I no longer use) she just loves her little red makeup bag! She practices everyday and then I wash her face with a washcloth! Your little girl is growing up and is lovely as ever!!!! I hope this message finds you well and getting ready to enjoy a new week ahead of you!!!! Enjoy your sweet girl and thanks for sharing her with us!!!!


Elena said...

Dearest Fiona, I just read in the news about the flooding in N. Ireland and was so concerned that your family. I pray you are all well and your home is safe. Love and prayers. Elena