Friday, 28 August 2009

Here comes the weekend!!!

My darling daughter, today we have had a busy day out and about. We went up to say goodbye to T&G and their gorgeous boys. It was sad to see them off for the last time, but they made me promise that we will come to Baltimore soon to see them. G wants to take Daddy to play golf at Rendition - and Mummy just wants to spend some time with T and her babies!! We had some of G's birthday cake from yesterday, and you were able to play with S&L and also Benjy the dog! Mummy also had to spend a lot of time reminding you that ornaments were not for babies!!! While they were here both S&L got their first tooth - and as if you were out in sympathy we spotted tooth #16 this morning too!! It definitely explains why Mummy had to get up 3 times the night before last and twice last night, because you were not a happy bunny!

To cheer ourselves up after saying goodbye we went to meet Nanny and Granda at M&S for lunch. We had some lovely tapas together, and then when Nanny saw you eyeing up a little set of farm animals she decided that you had to have them, together with a little red barn to keep them in. She assures me that it is a Nanny's prerogative to spoil her grand-daughter!! You are delighted with the little set, especially since the little chicken inside the barn makes a 'cock-a-doodle doo' noise, just like Granda Billy's cockrel!!

And Mummy was spoiled today too - by lovely T - who gave me a going away present - a gorgeous bag which just about sums me up. I am so touched and pleased with it, and will definitely be using it. It is so thoughtful when someone you know and love manages to show you that they know you even better than you know yourself! I just can't decide which is my favourite side!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Friends from afar!

Darling Baby Kay, this week we have been lucky to be able to spend some time with our wonderful friends T&G - who have come home from Baltimore for a few days to show off their gorgeous little twin boys - S&L. They are just the most adorable little boys going - they are non-identical twins, and very different, in looks and personality! Little S got his first tooth this week here in Northern Ireland - and they have coped very well with all the different faces and voices.

Daddy and G played golf on Sunday, and T and I had a great afternoon with the 3 of you. You were very taken with the babies and were doing a lot of patting and 'kind hands' on their heads and faces (this is what we tell you to remind you to not be rough when you are touching people's faces and getting over-enthusiastic!!) Yesterday we met G and the boys for a coffee at M&S while T did some shopping, and tomorrow we are heading up to see them before they head back to the US. It has been fabulous having them so close by - it reminds me how much I miss them and how great it would be if we lived closer.

You are still walking very happily and gaining confidence every day - you spend almost every waking moment toddling about, fetching things back and forward, moving things around, and then moving them right back again! You have been a bit unsettled the last few nights in bed, and we think that maybe you have another tooth on the way. You are also becoming more attached to your 'babies' - 2 or 3 little dolls that you have - over your other toys. You make them walk along, and clap hands, and kiss one another, and occasionally cuddle them in to yourself and kiss them. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen you do my darling. Every day you grow a little bigger and a little more like a wee girl - and we love you more and more x

Friday, 21 August 2009

Who needs Kerry Katona.... Auntie Linda's gone to Iceland!!!

Darling Baby Kay - you got mail this week!! Mail from the most wonderful lady who I hope you get to meet before you get too much bigger. The mail was a gorgeous pastel, fleecy hat, with 'Iceland' and a little row of snowflakes embroidered in beautiful silver writing on the front. It was bought for you by an amazing lady - who has been in my life for a very, very long time, and now she is a part of your life too.

My 'Auntie Linda' was actually the girlfriend of one of your Nanna's brothers - at least 30 years ago! I was only about 7 or 8, but she made me and your Uncle Ricky feel so special. She used to babysit for us, and do treasure hunts around the house; she sent us a set of the Royal Stamps issued for the marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles; she even brought me a Spanish Barbie doll back from her holidays. And Baby Kay, I still have the stamps and the Barbie which will be coming to you when you are bigger.

Auntie Linda moved away, married a gorgeous man and had the most wonderful babies. One of her babies is just about to go to university after getting fantastic A level grades! We managed to find each other a few years ago via the Internet and it was like nothing had ever changed! She is the most lovely lady, so beautiful and kind, with the most amazing heart and soul - and I can't wait for her to see you, so she can be your Auntie Linda too. When they were away on their holiday to Iceland a few weeks ago these fabulous people were thinking of you all those miles away - and then the little hat arrived for you.

Auntie Linda - thank you for everything - we are blessed to have you in our lives x

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Birdy, birdy.....

Now I am big enough to feed Granda Billy's hens myself!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Would I be a little rascal??

I have 2 more teeth coming through.....

I think that 5.00am is a perfect time to waken up in the morning......

I think it is just fine to only want to eat salmon and broccoli pasta (pah-tah) for every meal.....

I reckon that the only kind of fun is the kind that involves Mummy walking around holding my hand....

I can't wait to have my Daddy home tomorrow! Me and Mummy have missed him so much x x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Darling Baby Kay - we have had a busy day today, with shopping to do, and parcels to wrap for Daddy while he is away! You are going to bed these evenings absolutely exhausted, which means that you are asleep almost before I get back downstairs, but because we are still getting lovely bright summer mornings you are wide awake very early! Thankfully you will sing and play with the dollies in your cot until you drop back over and we don't have to get up until after 6.30.

We have been out in the garden for much of this afternoon because it is dry. You spend your time trying to spot dried leaves to stomp on, to hear the cracking - and also spotting buttercups (because we haven't cut the lawn for 10 days!!) which have to be picked for you and you carry them about all squashed up in your hand in case you lose them! Everything is so interesting, especially things that I would walk right past and not notice, but they don't escape your eagle eye!

Sweet dreams little darling - only 3 more sleeps til Daddy gets home x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ducks and more

Darling Baby Kay, it has been a very busy few weeks here in County Armagh. Daddy has been away almost continually with work, and is now away in Galway until Saturday. Mummy has gotten herself a little behind in almost every aspect of life this last month, and your blog is one of those things. I will try to summarise for you what we have been doing over the last few weeks so that I can get back into the swing of your regular updates.

1) You are now officially walking - you are also doing a lot of falling over, and a lot of dramatic crying and shouting until you are picked up, but you can now walk, turn corners and turn around by yourself.
2) You are now up to 13 teeth, with #14 sitting there like a little pearl waiting to appear too.
3) You are adding to your words every day - you can say apple (ah-paw), and ganna (grandad) among other things.
4) We spent this weekend up in Carrick with Nanny and Grandad which meant you got lots of practice walking around the garden, and up and down the furniture.
5) We went to Hillsborough Forest on Sunday to feed the ducks which really tickled you! I think Grandad had a good time too!

I have now bought an annual ticket to Gosford which is just over the road from us, so that we can do that at least once a week together. I just have to work out how to stop you eating the stale bread that is meant for the birds!!