Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Snowdrops and Spring!

Darling little girl, we have already had 2 very busy days this week, and it is only Tuesday! Yesterday we went to the Argory with T&L, F&C and L&C to do the Snowdrop Walk. It was absolutely beautiful, even if I did spend a lot of time sprinting after you as you decided to make your way off in the direction of the stream, or the steps, or the kitten in the tree, or the big bush. Everything is a new challenge, and you are growing into a worryingly fearless little person. When you were smaller if I was having difficulty getting you to move, or leave something alone in a shop, if I announced 'OK, Mummy is leaving now...' and pretended to turn for home you would very quickly have a rethink and hurry alongside me again. Now, you don't even look over your shoulder to see whether I meant it - beware the Mummy who Cries Wolf too many times and the little person who calls her bluff at 23 months!!

Today we had Jo Jingles and a trip up to Carrick to see Nanna and Granda - they are coming to mind you tomorrow while we go to the hospital for our 20 week scan, to see your little brother or sister. We will bring you back a little photo for you. When asked where your baby is, you will tell people 'In Mamma's tummy' and then you add 'keep baby warm.' I can't believe that this time 2 years ago I was 5 days from my due date with you (and 21 days away from you actually arriving!)

And then I blinked and you were suddenly my big girl out for a walk in spring with the snowdrops!


Lisa @ akawest said...

You both look great. I believe you look better than any pregnant woman, I have ever seen, save those movie stars who wear bikinis days after giving birth. Seriously, you look amazing.

Future big sister is going to have so much fun with her new baby. Somehow, I get the impression that she will be calling the shots. Oh, I can't wait to read all about the new adventures. Summer please come quickly.

Oh, and those orange rolls are too good. Be glad they do not beckon to you from the dairy case, as they do to me. No wonder Americans are all fat cows!

Elena said...

It is so good to read your posts. I am so glad that you are able to write again. I love to read all about your adventures. You look great and so happy and beaming! Hugs, Elena

Alice said...

i don't think i've ever seen a picture of you - i love your hair! so pretty! and your little girl is adorable...as always :)

BECKY said...

Ok...I so want to see your baby bump, Fiona!! In the next photo, right?!!

You look wonderful...simply beaming with joy and the promise of a new little one to enjoy!! My heart just spills over with delight for you, hubby and big sis!! It truly does.

I told you those days would fly by, and it seems that they have, indeed. My little girl...well...she is now taller than me and will be 12 in a few months! How can it be?? Almost a young lady! How incredibly wonderful, yet it makes my heart sigh. And the time marches on!!

Love you Fiona! Utterly thrilled that you're back!!
HUGS all around!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

You both look so lovely in this picture--you are positively glowing! Looking forward to hearing about your 20 week appointment and if you are going to share with us if baby Kay gets a brother or sister☺

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Just had to tell you we just watched Bobby Flay visit Ireland, and learned a lot...and of course thought about you, precious one. How are you feeling?
Sure would love to be able to fly out there and meet you one day!!
A girl can dream, right? Your country is SO beautiful!! It would be wonderful if you showed us more of it on here!!

Love you and praying for you, sweetie!!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Just stopping by to say hi and hope that you are doing well :-)