Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bid for freedom....

Darling Baby Kay, rain does not put you off, nor does having no shoes on, nor a jumper! If you get the slightest chance you are still making a break for the french doors and pointing up at the key to anyone in the room you think might let you out!

You have had a wonderful few days showing off your new confidence in walking and shuffling around the room with Nanny, Granda, Uncle R and Auntie C - and of course the adorable 8 month old Baby M. It was lovely to get you both together finally after all this time. Nanny and Granda were in their element having you both their to hug and cuddle and spoil!! You are getting much more creative with your speech too - now we get 'Go! Go! Go!' which doesn't actually mean go - it means Dog - when you see little Ben at the farm. And we now get 'Am-ha' which you say when we ask you what your name is! You understand vast amounts of what we are saying ('Where are your shoes? Lift your feet up, please? What do the birdies do?) and I reckon once the real words start we should be in for some real fun!

Daddy is in Poland this week my darling, so we will be looking after each other til he gets back, and when he comes on here to see how you are doing he will be pleased to see your gorgeous little smiling face looking right back at him! All my love darling baby girl x x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Darling Baby Kay, you had a lovely morning with Nanny today - helping her work out where all the shapes go in the shape-sorter, and testing each one with your teeth just to make sure they passed muster!! Nanny was very excited to see you practising your toddling, which is a little more like staggering than toddling to be honest, but you have finally started, as of yesterday, to branch out on your own - letting go of hands, lunging towards furniture to scramble along, and sometimes just plain launching out on your own into the middle of nowhere!

You had your last set of immunisations today too, the last until you are 4 thankfully. It doesn't get any easier as you get bigger, and those gorgeous blue eyes fill up with tears at what Mummy has allowed the Dr to do. Once you were home and had your dinner Daddy took you up to the farm to see Granda and wee Ben the Puppy, and you returned much more like your old self. Tomorrow we are going to meet L&I for coffee and I plan to spend the day just playing with you and spoiling you rotten, like lovely Lisa keeps telling me I should be, and this afternoon will be gone in a flash!

Much love to you my darling x x

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Busy busy busy!!

Darling Baby Kay, it has been another hectic week and I have no idea how we managed to get to Thursday already. There were no babies this week, but lots of other things happening. On Sunday we went up to the farm for lunch - we passed on church after the last 2 Sunday experiences, where you lasted about 3 minutes the first, and then about 20 seconds the second. People say they don't mind the histrionics, and I am convinced that you would settle in a few minutes (I think it is just the crowd that unsettles you) but there are unfortunately a few less than charitable people who do a wonderful line in shooting over a dead-eye stare, which shames me into whisking you out! Instead we put you in your pink shortie doogeroos and headed off to see the hens and the cattle!

We met up on Monday with C and S at Sprucefield - C tells me that S is going through the terrible 3's, and she is certainly lively and determined to do her own thing. You were just completely fascinated watching her flitting about, and every time C shouted at S you looked at me as if to say 'What are those 2 playing at??' I know that I have all that ahead at some point down the line - your waggling finger and shaking head when I tell you 'No, that's only for Mummy's, not for babies' will probably be replaced with some feet stamping of your own!

Today we were up seeing Nanny, which was a little tricky as I was out with Auntie J last night for dinner and a film, and was in bed late. So I was tired and have an upset tummy (from all the veggies in my diet at the moment as I try to lose weight!) and you were just tired, because you are resolutely refusing to sleep in the car when we are out now. I used to rely on it for you doze over on the 90 minute drive to Nanny's, but now there is too much to see and do when we are out - so I might have to rethink the logistics of our out and about-ings!

Needless to say you took your bedtime milk in one go, and were asleep before I crossed the landing! And I will not be too far behind you little darling! Sweet dreams x x